on being happy…

I’ve neglected my little piece of cyber space for so long! I feel so bad, and I’m sorry.  I haven’t been very inspired lately and well it all has to do with BEING PREGNANT!!!

Ahhhh! It feels so good to say!  I’m pregnant, and I knew it wouldn’t be a piece o’ cake, but man, I didn’t expect it to kick my ass so hard!!! The “morning” sickness has been more like an all day sickness, some days I can have a whole apple and water, and others I’m lucky if I even have any water at all!!  So needless to say, I haven’t been very crafty in between barfing and sleeping. 

I’m at around 11 weeks now, and (knock on wood) I think Baby and I have reached a truce and I am slowly starting to feel better.  I hope so.

So I will be back soon (again, knock on wood) with lots of crafty craftiness that I am dreaming up!!