What a busy life it’s been!  This little one keeps me busy and on top of that we bought a house! A fixer-upper that we have invested tons of our time (and money)  into! I can’t wait to move in already! Living out of boxes and laundry baskets sucks!  I am ready to cook in my own kitchen, hang photos on walls, and make this little house our home!

Needless to say, that I haven’t been scrapbooking much, but what I have done is worked on some great kits and once I find my camera, I will share those pages!

Hope you’ve been craftier than I have!


In 8 hours...

I will be scrapbooking for the entire weekend! I am so lucky to have friends that are talented, funny, and I am so excited to catch up with!

My hubby, little brother and BabyLu will be attending the Anaheim Comic Con!  We are big nerds in the Villa household!

So I have pictures printed and scrap crap is packed! Can't wait!!


An AWESOME giveaway from The Crafty Chica!

OMG you guys! This is an awesome giveaway! 

I have never really wanted to go on a crafty cruise although Tim Holtz, Teresa Collins, Hedi Swapp, and many others have hosted cruises, but this one I've kinda been aching to go on!! The Crafty Chica cruise just looks like it is a good time and so full of laughter and GLITTER!!! I gotta save up my pennies and go one year!  Kathy Cano-Murillo is an inspiration to me as a crafter, mother, wife, artist, Latina, writer, woman...anyway, GO ENTER! Good Luck! If I don't win, I hope you do!!



I really tried my hardest to create today and I just couldn't do it! I was just not feeling it.  I was trying to work on a Kaiser Craft frame and in 9 hours all I did was paint and distress it and I don't think I like it. I think I'm going to sand it and start fresh tomorrow!!
Had a great day with great friends and came home to this:


stuff i've made...

here is proof that i've been crafty!!


I'm sure I've worked on more pages, but this is what I had on my phone and am blogging from it, SO i apologize if the view is wonky.

I am actually gonna try and make more stuff today!! Wish me luck!!


6 months...

It has been six whole months since I became a mother, and wow, my life has truly changed!! I can't believe my little Lulu is already 6 months old!! She is an amazing, amazing kid!! She has been such a good baby and a great inspiration to my life!  Honestly, I lucked out! 

I know it has been a while, but I have been creating!  I will be back tonight to post pictures of a baby boy book I made for some dear friends, and of course layouts I've made with LuluBelle's pictures!!

Thanks for your patience, I promise to be a better blogger!!