mother's day....

I hope everyone had an amazing Mother's Day! My first MD went well! My niece Mia suprised me with a beautiful bouquet of daisies, my brother Zeke gave me a huge sunflower he grew, and I got lots of hugs and kisses from my Grammy and Husband!  

I wasn't feeling all that great Sunday, we are moving and I think anxiety is getting the best of me.  I spent the day with the Husband and that made me feel 100% better.  He has really come to know how to ease my crazy mind, and I appreciate that more than I hink he will ever know. 

Lately I have been really "cup half full" which isn't in my character, but I am loving the newfound appreciation for the little things that this "little bean" has given me. 

My Husband set up a corner of our new apartment for my craftiness, so I hope to be sharing pictures soon!! I am hoping the inspiration bug bites me soon!


baby book pages

So here are some of my favorite pages from the baby book I managed to whip out.  I kept it very simple in comparison to other pages I normally make.  I used patterned paper, ribbon, and cardstock only.  All images were created with my Cricut Expression and my friend Kelli's "Create A Critter" cartridge.  If you don't have it, seriously, get it!! It is too stinking cute!!  I tried to stay gender neutral, but I think my eyes are drawn to brighter, and more masculine colors, so I figure that doesn't matter cuz once the pages are covered with baby pictures no one will notice!  All the paper and ribbon was purchased at ScrapbookLand at one point or another.  This isn't all the book, I've made about 36 pages and need a bathtime, beach, grandparents, and a great grandma pages and I will officially be done with Baby Villa's first scrapbook! I haven't added any titles either, but have post-it notes on the pages for working titles or pictures to remember to take.  Wow! That was a ramble! Hope you like what I came up with!

This will be the title page I think I'm going to have it say "just hatched" with a newborn piture of the baby and all the birth details (name, weight, birth date...)
These are some of my favorite characters and pages
(this doggy looks like one of mine)
(no, the baby isn't japanese, i just miss sushi and can't wait to have some, and this panda was too cute not to cut, right?  I hand tore all the sushi)
(lil' stinker)
(this will be a family tree layout with all of our immediate family on the tree and them holding the baby on the opposite side)

Here's some more cute characters:
I think by the time I'm done with the book, I will have cut out all the items on the cartridge!  Hope you enjoyed!! I can't wait to start taking pictures of this baby! I'm almost at my half point, 17 weeks today, and so far, thank God, everything is good!