mother's day....

I hope everyone had an amazing Mother's Day! My first MD went well! My niece Mia suprised me with a beautiful bouquet of daisies, my brother Zeke gave me a huge sunflower he grew, and I got lots of hugs and kisses from my Grammy and Husband!  

I wasn't feeling all that great Sunday, we are moving and I think anxiety is getting the best of me.  I spent the day with the Husband and that made me feel 100% better.  He has really come to know how to ease my crazy mind, and I appreciate that more than I hink he will ever know. 

Lately I have been really "cup half full" which isn't in my character, but I am loving the newfound appreciation for the little things that this "little bean" has given me. 

My Husband set up a corner of our new apartment for my craftiness, so I hope to be sharing pictures soon!! I am hoping the inspiration bug bites me soon!

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